3 Bags Full…of what? Food of course! @Kota Damansara


3 Bags Full

38, Jalan PJU 5/10, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia




+ interior are bright with wood being centerstage, I.e wooden table top, cabinetry and walls + most of the seatings are catered to 3 pax & above

+ single or 2 pax diner might have to be seated along the wall, like a bar counter seating when it is pack. The only thing is that, you are going to face the rather boring wall throughout your meal. How ‘enjoyable’


+ extensive selection for food. From salad, appetizer to soup, breakfast/brunch, western, pasta to burgers and of course desserts!

+ as for drinks, they have good selections of coffee, teas, soda and smoothie

menu 3 bags full

Lots of choices await inside! 3 Bags Full Kota Damansa

After a good 5 mins of being undecisive, flipping back and forth, deciding hard…. I have decided to order their Norwegian Benedict

brunch 3 bag full

The brunch list, 3 Bags Full, Dataran Sunway

The presentation was pretty, everything looks like they go well with each other and I’m sure it’s gonna be yummy! Until I started eating…

norwegian egg benedict

Norwegian Egg Benedict. 3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara

The fried asparagus was tasty and I would say, for me, it was the ‘highlight’ of the meal. The poach eggs were great, soft with runny yolks. Smoked salmon was generous, big and rather thick slice. As I am not really a fan of smoke salmon, so the thickness does made me uncomfortable eating it, it just felt thick and slimy, mushy.. I don’t know how to explain.. like biting into a piece of chicken fats…

There were these small black crispy thing which was tasty, but I can’t tell what it is. I did not see any beef bacons too in the dish nor did I tasted any.. hm….

The blood orange hollandaise sauce tasted ok on its own, and again it was rather thick and creamy. When this sauce mixed with the runny yolk from the eggs and together with the thick mushy smoked salmon…. I can only say they don’t go well together, for me… the more I ate, the more I felt like puking…. it all just became 1 big lump of mushy stuff…. not enjoyable.

piccolo latte 3 bags full

Piccolo Latte, 3 Bags Full, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

The Piccolo Latte was quite a big cup and you can have it black or with sugar, by adding it yourself. After I added in the sachet of sugar, the coffee taste was still quite strong, rich and slightly bitter. For those who prefer sweeter, might need to add in more sugar.




Good presentation on the food. Creative combination, however need some tweaking.

I’m planning to revisit to try out their other food so that I can give a more comprehensive review. Stay tune for update 🙂

Price is base on total amount per pax

  • $ – RM20 & below
  • $$ – RM21 – RM50
  • $$$ – RM51 – RM100
  • $$$$ – RM100 & above

3 thoughts on “3 Bags Full…of what? Food of course! @Kota Damansara

  1. IMHO, this just sounded like you detested Eggs Benedict in general. It is traditionally a heavy and not particularly heart-healthy dish. Why would you order a dish with smoked salmon if you disliked it?


    1. Thx for ur feedback. But it seems that u do not understand dat thr r cook dat cook it nice n thr r some dat dont n in this instance, this egg benedict was just not tasty.. Not only the salmon, even the sauce is too thick, is difficult for u to understand since u did not eat it urself.

      I tried another similar dish with poach egg, same sauce and smoke salmon at The Beer Factory n that was tasty.. U can read it in my The Beer Factory write up.

      So don’t get me wrong, i do not detest egg benedict. Please remember not every one can cook de same dish as tasty as each other’s, no matter how simple, complicated or common de dish is. This particular egg benedict just not tasty for me.


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