What’s brewing? @ The Brew Houze, The Strand Kota Damansara


The Brew Houze

19, Jalan PJU 5/21, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

GPS Coordinate: 3.1546584 , 101.5582901


Phone: +603-61436181
Email: thebrewhouze@hotmail.com


Facebook: facebook.com/pages/The-Brew-Houze


SUN – THURS: 9am – 7pm
FRI, SAT: 10am – 10.30pm


+ laid back, cozy, evoke a nostalgic feel

+ various small tables to cater to smaller groups or joined for bigger groups

+ a small ‘patio’ feel, outdoor seating, for those who prefer some fresh air, or who would like to lit up for a puff or two

+ look out for a cute take away counter (not featured in the photos here 😛 )

+ nice jazz/lounge music that makes time seem to pass by slowly, relaxing!

the brew houze counter

Ordering Counter @ The Brew Houze, The Strand Kota Damansara

Get ready to be spoiled for choices upon entering. Even though their menu is not as extensive as others, but nonetheless it is a great list. The school black board style of menu with all the words always makes me confuse or rather don’t know what to choose XD However, no matter what are my choices, it has not disappoint me so far 🙂

bar seating the brew houze

The ‘Bar’ Seating @ The Brew Houze, Kota Damansara

This breakfast counter/bar seating, couple with the simple lighting (with hidden ‘snow flakes’ in it) makes this area looks heavenly.

the brew houze coffee

Table Settings @ The Brew Houze Coffee Kota Damansara

A nostalgic, canteen feel table settings provides a versatile space for big or small groups. They also caters for events or parties. Contact them to find out more.

africa espresso coffee

Africa or Espresso? @ The Brew Houze, Kota Damansara

Which do you prefer? Africa or Espresso roast? Although I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but generally if the coffee comes not scalding hot, rich enough in taste and not overly bitter, it is good enough for me 🙂 The Brew Houze’s coffees fits right in! *thumbs up*


+ if you click on the 1st picture in this post (with the lady in action!) you would be able to see clearly their menu on the black board

+ they offer coffee (RM6 – RM15) such as Americano, Latte, Cappucino, Long Black, Mocha, Espresso, Affogato, Dirty Chai, Butterscotch & etc. While non coffee beverages (RM10 – RM11) they have Dark Chocolate, Green Tea Latte, Chai Latte, Lemon Cooler, Vanilla Caramel and assorted teas

+  if you are here for breakfast, they have some delicious selections such as Egg Atlantic, Egg Benedict, Awesome Day, Scramble on the Houze etc at RM13 – RM18

+ as for lunch they have Smoke Duck Aglio (RM16), Signature Baked Fish (RM26), Caesar Salad (RM16), Chef Grilled Stuffed Chicken (RM26) & etc.

piccolo latte the brew houze coffee

Piccolo Latte @ The Brew Houze Coffee, The Strand

What is Piccolo Latte?

As the Italian word Piccolo suggests, this drink is small but you shouldn’t underestimate it. The genius of a Piccolo Latte is that this drink is based on a Ristretto shot of coffee. A Ristretto is an extraction of espresso that produces about 15-20mls of liquid. This is the best of the best when it comes to espresso extractions, smooth & full bodied yet misses out on the acidity that is apparent with longer extractions.” ~ guide2coffee.com

The Brew Houze’s Piccolo Latte really fits the description above. The temperature was just right, and it was smooth & full bodied, not bitter. I totally enjoyed it compare to the one I had at 3 Bags Full.

mocha latte the brew houze

Mocha Latte @ The Brew Houze, Kota Damansara

The Mocha Latte was rich & strong, quite chocolaty but not overly sweet. Mocha Latte can be made with dark or milk chocolate, base on the taste, I guess that they used dark chocolate to give that strong chocolaty yet not overly sweet taste 🙂

affogato the brew houze

Affogato @ The Brew Houze, The Strand

This is 1 of my favourite coffee, Affogato. I’m all hooked after I got a taste of it at GoodSaltz. After a few try of this coffee variant at few different places, base on the presentation and the taste, The Brew Houze’s Affogato is the 2nd best I have tried. The coffee is smooth & strong in taste, no sugar; top with ice-cream (and some coffee/cocoa powder?) that gives the coffee the needed sweetness. Overall creamy (after you stir in the ice-cream), rich, smooth, good!

butterscotch coffee the brew houze

Butterscotch Coffee @ The Brew Houze, Kota Damansara

First time trying out a Butterscotch coffee. The Brew Houze’s Buttersctoch was smooth with hint of caramel. I enjoyed it too.

bake fish brew houze coffee

Signature Baked Fish @ The Brew Houze, The Strand Kota Damansara

When I first visited, I wanted to try their breakfast but it was only available from 10am – 12noon and I was there about 1pm 😦 Then the lady recommended me their Signature Baked Fish. Not a bad choice.

The fish with a soft batter was soaked in flavorful cheesy sauce. Even though the sauce was not much, but it was enough for the meal. If you want some spicy kick in your meal, the sprinkled red chilli powder do just that. The leafy greens and slices of tomatoes all nicely tossed in salad dressing was tasty too and it makes it a well balanced meal.

breakfast set the brew houze

Awesome Day breakfast set @ The Brew Houze, Kota Damansara

During my 2nd visit, I was about 10min pass 12noon, and they had stop serving breakfast. I was really there wanting to try out their breakfast. So after much thinking on what to order from their lunch menu and I told them I was really there to want to have their breakfast, they offered to cook for me 😀 Therefore, I ordered their Awesome Day breakfast.

The name fits the food! The baguette was nicely buttered and it was the right amount of crispiness (some bad baguette can be quite hard & tough to bite..) The bake beans was good, soft & warm while the sauteed mushrooms were flavorful and not overly salty.

The egg was nicely done, soft with a runny yolk. Sausage & ham tasted great too and the nicely tossed salad at the side completed this healthy meal to start the day. It made me felt awesome after that and they have definitely made my day serving my special request 🙂

apple caramel pie the brew houze

Apple Caramel Pie @ The Brew Houze, The Strand

During my 3rd visit, I was craving for cakes, and I saw that they are having a coffee time promo. Thus, I dropped by to try their cakes out. The lady recommended Apple Caramel Pie and Chocolate Banana Cake, as it is their best seller. As I don’t feel like banana, so I went for the apple pie.

One thing about these apple pie is that the apple fillings can be rather sweet, I was prepared for that. However to my surprise, it was just mildly sweet, which makes it much more enjoyable. I finished the whole thing and wanted more!

The only tiny downside is that the pie crust was slightly hard.

homemade cakes the brew houze

Homemade cakes for your pick @ The Brew Houze, The Strand

The other cakes available all looks very tempting! Is really a rather hard choice for me to make. Shall come back next round!

coffee promo

Coffee promotion @ The Brew Houze

Their current promotion is you get to enjoy special rate of RM6 – RM7 for their beverages with any cake purchase 🙂




Great coffee. Great Food. They delivered it!

It hasn’t disappointed me during my 3 visits here and I will definitely go back for their other items.

Price is base on total amount per pax

  • $ – RM20 & below
  • $$ – RM21 – RM50
  • $$$ – RM51 – RM100
  • $$$$ – RM100 & above

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