Heavenly Pancakes @ J&D Espresso, Bandar Utama


J&D Espresso Cafe

Oasis Business Centre BU11, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


017-313 3931


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JnDEspresso

After my last visit trying out J&D Espresso‘s Brandy Orange Cake, this round I came back to try their breakfast. I was not disappointed.

macchiato jdespresso

Latte Macchiato @ J&D Espresso

For coffee, I ordered Latte Macchiato (RM10). The coffee is strong & full bodied, with a mild bitterness and milky aftertaste. Is this coffee acidic, how to tell?

Th acidity of the coffee, identify by the coffee enthusiaist as having that ‘dry, bright, sparkling sensation‘ ~ highergroundstrading.com,  or by many others, as something that upsets their stomach after enjoying their favourite brew.

I would say this Latte Macchiato is slightly acidic, as it has that dry, bright sensation. However, it is at the right level, as my stomach didn’t act up even though I took a few sip with an empty stomach. *thumbsup*

bacon eggs pancake jdespresso

Bacon & Egg Pancakes @ J&D Espresso, Bandar Utama

For my brunch, I am trying out their breakfast, Bacon & Egg Pancakes (RM21).

Fluffy pancakes with poached egg, pork bacon, mushrooms & herbed spinach drizzled with savoury maple sauce for the adventurous breakfast.’ ~ J&D Espresso

I’m already salivating reading that on the menu. When the pancakes came, OH MY GOD it looked so heavenly! The presentation itself looked oh-so-royal fine dining feel, I can’t wait to sink my teeth in it!

Upon poking my fork & knife into the poached egg, its slightly runny yolk + slight watery whites burst open, soaking the spinach below. My first bite, consisting of the egg, bacon & pancake was so savoury it melted my heart! The crispy slightly sweet edges of bacon with its slightly salted centre is enough to give you a mouthful of flavours.

To avoid that dry choky, rather bland  sensation that comes with most pancakes, dip it into the savoury, mildly sweet maple sauce. I’m sure it’ll leave a satisfying smile on your face.




This meal with the savoury Bacon & Egg Pancakes breakfast, totally got me on my knees crying out MAMA MIA~

You gotta try it for yourself. arnold i will be back

Price is base on total amount per pax

  • $ – RM20 & below
  • $$ – RM21 – RM50
  • $$$ – RM51 – RM100
  • $$$$ – RM100 & above

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