A Sizzling Evening Treat @ 3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara


3 Bags Full

38, Jalan PJU 5/10, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia




Facebook: facebook.com/3bagsfull.my

After a rather disappointing first visit (read here), I have decided to give it another try. I have picked a day which will be less pack; weekday tea time hours XD Coicindentally I’m cravings for some dessert, thus I dropped by 3 Bags Full.

seating 3 bags full kota damansara

Seating Area @ 3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara

After I have sat down and ordered my food, I looked around and noticed that they had changed their high stool seating area, which I have described in my other post as a rather boring space for a meal, as you typically face the wall -_-” See picture below taken from their Facebook.

3 bags full

High Stool Seating Area (Before Reno) @ 3 Bags Full, Kota Damamsara

high stool seating 3 bags full kota damansara

High Stool Seating Area (After Reno) @ 3 Bags Full , Kota Damansara

With this new changes, I wouldn’t mind sitting here if inside is full during busy hours πŸ™‚ It is much more inviting as compared to the previous arrangement.

signatuer biscotti 3 bags full dataran sunway

Signature Biscotti @ 3 Bags Full, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Apart from serving food, 3 Bags Full also sells the teas and Signature Biscotti that they serve.

azteca d'oro tea 3 bags full kota damansara

Azteca d’ORO Tea (RM50) @ 3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara

Since I have ordered their Sizzling Chocolate Brownie, I ordered Azteca d’ORO tea, to avoid sweetness overload. Azteca d’ORO is an organic South African bush tea with Madagascan Cacao and Caramel blend. After the first sip, it left a very unique aftertaste; the taste of tea with a hint of raw chocolate & caramel.

Did you know that Cacao beans were a form of currency several hundred years ago? Every inch of the seed was considered valuable and the seeds would be weighed to get their true value*! As much as it was being precious back in the days, it still is in modern world and is being touted as one of the super food.

One of its beneficial ingredients, Theobromine, was really effective!

Theobromine: This is a mild stimulant that has a diuretic affect. In other words it can make you have to use the bathroom a lot and if you don’t drink enough water, it could dehydrate you. Its benefits, however, include helping to push toxins out of your body (the diuretic process), and gives you a very mild rush, enhancing your mood” ~Β enjoydarkchocolate.com

south african bush tea with cacao

Azteca d’ORO Tea @ 3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara

During the few hours after drinking this Azteca d’ORO tea, I visited the loo quite often, although I did not particularly drank much water in between. I guess in the long run, this tea could really helps to detox in some way; just got to pick the right time drinking it πŸ˜›

sizzling brownie 3 bags full kota damansara

Sizzling Brownies @ 3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara

I haven’t been trying out much sizzling brownies. The 1st and last I tried was over at ACME Bar & Coffee, it was sinfully yummy. So how did 3 Bags Full’s Sizzling Brownie fared?

“Homemade brownies with roasted walnut & chocolate gelato on a cast iron platter, served sizzling to you” ~ 3 Bags Full

The brownies was slightly moist with medium level of chocolaty taste. Could be overly sweet as you continue to feast upon it. The roasted walnut was soft/chewy and the caramel sauce I suppose, goes well with it and makes it very sinful & SWEET. Need to take your own sweet time to finish it.

To counter the sweetness, the Azteca d’ORO tea that I have ordered goes well with the dessert, as it could wash away the sweetness and yet ‘replace’ the chocolaty taste, although is another kind of chocolaty taste, very tea like πŸ™‚




3 Bags Full redeemed themselves this round as I enjoyed the Sizzling Brownies.

Will try out their other items next round.

arnold i will be back

Price is base on total amount per pax

  • $ – RM20 & below
  • $$ – RM21 – RM50
  • $$$ – RM51 – RM100
  • $$$$ – RM100 & above

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