Good Food Galore @ Frisky Goat, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail


Frisky Goat
72, Jalan Burhanudin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


03-7731 2965




+ Dark colored walls give the space a very private, recluse and relaxing feel

+ Wooden door & window frame with clever use of a sky blue color scheme creates a focus point in this cafe/bakery, it is what we call in Chinese as “Draw Dragon Dot Eyes*”

frisky goat ttdi

The Interior @ Frisky Goat, TTDI

+ I noticed that Frisky Goat’s seating are mostly catered to 4 pax & above. Double or single diner will be seated a long the wall near the entrance of their washroom. During this visit we were seated right next to the entrance to the washroom’s wash basin area. I don’t quite felt comfortable after being seated, seeing people coming out right next to me from washroom, most will fling their hands to get rid of the water after washing it (I felt that it is a very bad social etiquette). I don’t want any of those water got sprinkled onto my face, into my drinks or onto my food!

So we got up and changed to a 4 seater table. However, the waiter wasn’t very happy about that and kept saying if there is a bigger group comes in we might need to change back. I’m fine with it but not the way they convey the message.

There are sure to be a reason behind people changing seats, in any situation. Instead of being a bit caring and ask us if there was something wrong with the seating area there etc, they just kept making us felt we were troublesome. I don’t like that.

interior frisky goat ttdi

High Stool Seating Area @ Frisky Goat

+ High stool seating area is becoming very common among cafes & restaurants. However, not many can get the right touch for it; I.e. how not to face a wall and make your client face the wall throughout their meal. It cast a rather boring, or depressing feel.

I also noticed how Frisky Goat’s seating for single & double are located right at the back and corners of the premises. I believe a good seating arrangement is one that is welcoming to all, be it single, or group, and it is well dispersed throughout the premises.


+ All day brunch is offered at Frisky Goat, available from 8am – 3.30pm. Choices includes:-

– Monsieur Ben Waffles; eggs benedict served over waffles & beef bacon, RM17

– Toasted; multiseed, wholemeal / sourdough bread served with butter & berries, RM7.90

– Salmon Scramble; creamy scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, salad & toast, RM17.90 and few other choices

+ For light bite, soups (RM14), salads (RM17 – RM27), tapas and small bites (RM10 – RM20) are available

+ Here at Frisky Goat, you get to ‘design’ your own pasta, by choosing your sauce, i.e. Aglio Oglio (RM14.50), Signature Creamy Pesto (RM19.90), Mushroom Carbonara (RM17.50) & Asian Style Tomato Sauce (RM17.50). Next, you add a protein, char-grilled chicken (RM7), soft shell crab (RM16), smoked duck (RM13) or crispy beef bacon (RM8). Final step, the pasta, you can choose between spaghetti, linguini or angel hair.

+ The Mains section has a rather limited choice, such as Slow Roasted Chicken Confit (RM27.90), Chicken Ballotine (RM29), Sesame Crusted Salmon RM42), Pan Seared Barramundi (RM39) and Black Angus Rib Eye Steak (RM68)

+ As for the drinks, they offer coffee, such as Espresso, Affogato, Latte, Flat White etc with a choice to add extra shot, vanilla shot or hazelnut shot (RM6 – RM14)

+ Not a coffee person? No problem, teas by TWG, fresh juices or coolers are available at RM9. Sodas (RM4.50) and bottled beers (RM14 – RM21) are being offered at Frisky Goat as well.

affogato frisky goat ttdi

Affogato @ Frisky Goat, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

The Affogato served at Frisky Goat was full bodied & strong, quite bitter and acidic. Presentation wise didn’t really impressed me and overall it was just ok to have it. I have 2 other places to go to for a better Affogato experience 🙂

soft shell crab frisky goat

Golden Soft Shell Crab @ Frisky Goat, Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail

For starters, we ordered the Golden Soft Shell Crab (RM20), served with side salad in Asian dressings. I got to say this is the juiciest we have ever eaten so far. The Asian dressings + the lemon juice really brings out the flavor of the crab with a hint of tanginess. The shells were crispy while the meat within was soft & fresh. Upon biting into it, the crab burst open filling our mouth with the crab essence/juice… totally yummylicious!

slow roasted chicken

Slow Roasted Chicken Confit @ Frisky Goat, TTDI

The Man ordered Frisky Goat’s Slow Roasted Chicken Confit (RM27.90), served with sweet corn ragout, creamy mashed potatoes, & thyme chicken jus. The roasted chicken drumstick was tender & juicy while the corn gives a slight crunch to the meal. The mashes potatoes was creamy and flavorful.

pasta frisky goat

Frisky’s Pasta Alla Puttanesca @ Frisky Goat

For myself, I have ordered their house specialty, Frisky’s Pasta Alla Puttanesca, anchovy & prawn pasta served with capers, cherry tomatoes, & mushrooms. The pasta was cook to Al Dante in aglio olio style, not too oily and very flavorful. The prawns were fresh & juicy, while the mushrooms, garlic and onions were nicely seasoned and sauteed.

belgian waffle

Classic Belgian Waffle @ Frisky Goat, TTDI

As I was craving for some waffles, therefore we ordered the Classic Belgian Waffles with honey, butter, spiced roasted walnuts, toasted almond flakes, served with Chantilly cream.

What is Chantilly Cream you asked? Chantilly Cream is a whipped cream that is sweetened and vanilla flavored 🙂

The waffles was soft & fluffy on the inside, not too thick, slightly crispy on the outside. Even though there was not much sauce, the honey and Chantilly cream was enough to go around and gave us a sweet ending to our wonderful dinner. Spiced walnuts and toasted almond flakes were soft yet gave us some good crunch.


$$$ (average per pax)

$$$$ (for 2 pax)


Overall it was a yummy dinner and the Golden Soft Shell Crab really stole the show. The waffles was really good, simple, not too fancy yet very nicely & tastily done.

It is a place worth visit for its good food.

Price is base on total amount per pax

  • $ – RM20 & below
  • $$ – RM21 – RM50
  • $$$ – RM51 – RM100
  • $$$$ – RM100 & above

*Draw Dragon Dot Eyes is an old Chinese fablehere is the story.. 

Sung-Yow had a secret. He could paint a picture and make it come alive. This only happened when the painting was finished. Sung-Yow loved to paint dragons. He left out their eyes because he didn’t want them to  come alive. In this way his secret stayed a secret.

The king heard that Sung-Yow was good at painting dragons. He asked Sung-Yow to paint four dragons on the wall. In three days the painting was ALMOST finished. The dragons looked like they could jump off the wall. They didn’t jump because Sung-Yow had left out their eyes.

People came from far away to see the paintings. “ The paintings look so real!” they said. “ But where are their eyes?” they asked.

“ If I dotted the eyes, the dragons would fly away!” said Sung-Yow.

Everyone laughed. No one believed him. Sung-Yow was not happy. This time he would NOT leave out eyes. He painted little black dots on two of the dragons.

Crash! Crash! The wall slipt open. Two dragons jumped off the wall. Sung-Yow went on to become a very famous artist with a very famous secret. 

In China, when someone adds a finishing touch to a work, people might say, “Draw Dragon Dot Eyes.”


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